Your All-Inclusive Handbook to Love Lake Dubai

Dubai’s famed tourists spots are way beyond the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the theme parks, and desert safari. The shining City of Gold is abode to a glamorous green attraction- the Love Lake. Nestled amidst Dubai’s sprawling landscape, where the azure sky and shimmering sands convene, rests the Love Lake. It is a charismatic wonder which stirs the heart and also lights up the imagination. The Dubai Municipality crafted this lake to pay homage to Dubai’s spirit of harmony as well as love. It has pristine turquoise waters and free flowing sands, paving the way for a relaxing retreat with special someone.

Al Qudra Lakes Dubai

The Tranquil Setting

The arid terrain of the Love Lake is dotted with palms and golden sand dunes, providing magnificent background. This lake had been designed with an aim for denoting love and togetherness, while its inventive design mirrors the forward-thinking culture of the city. It provides guests an exclusive chance of valuing the achievements of humanity coupled with nature’s marvels.

Reaching Love Lake

Most Opportune Time to Visit

The most opportune time for exploring Love Lake is November-April, during cool and convenient months, letting visitors to take pleasure of outdoor experiences to the utmost sans the summer’s intense heat.

Always try exploring this lake just prior to sunset. This way you can be a part of the 
mesmerizing sunset vistas with chirping of birds accompanied by cool climate, making the tour more pleasant. What’s more, should you desire camping or savoring BBQ with the lake’s confines, evening hours will be the most idyllic providing you ample time in arranging the equipment for that much awaited romantic starlit night.

Duration to Explore

Being accessible round the clock, you are free to spend maximum hours here resting on your mood. There are countless facilities here should you seek in spending the complete night.

Entry Fee

This lake is accessible to all and sundry. Love Lake is a wallet-friendly spot for spending quality moments in the City of Gold. Although geting entry into Love Lake is one of the free things to do in Dubai, a handful of activities like bike rents have a certain fee. 


Love Lake is replete with amenities for the utmost convenience of tourists in the likes of,

  • Parking facility
  • Prayer room
  • Restroom

Things to Try

Selfie Moments

The Love Lake is absolutely photogenic. For couples it is a complete dream location. The surrounds of the lake make excellent picturesque vistas and an opportune chance of amping up one’s Insta feed.

Vibrant Swans and Fishes

You can observe myriads of vibrant colored fish that swim in the lake. Besides, elegant swans give a touch of grace. This laid back experience will aid you bond with the aquatic marvels. Gaze at these magnificent creatures.

Explore Biodiversity

Despite being positioned in a desert, the lush haven is abode to 170 plus species of plants, exotic animals, as well as flowers. A handful of plants are planted in special shapes for bearing a resemblance of intertwined hearts akin to Love Lake. The lake is enclosed by multifarious trees comprising countless olive trees along with UAE’s national tree, the Ghaf. Get your binoculars ready to view 150 plus colorful bird species from eagles to swans and more. They mostly gather adjacent the waterfall. Most important point, you are not permitted to feed the birds.

Ideal Winter Camping

During the cold winter, Love Lake serves as the best camping spots in UAE. Grab a tent and sleep below lucid starry sky. There cannot be a more idyllic break from humdrum city life.

Gorgeous Sunsets

The Love Lake boasts of an idyllic locale to catch the marvelous orange sunset sky vistas sans any obstruction. Should you stay even post sunset, you will be fortunate enough in gazing at the constellations as well as twinkling stars up the dark sky. Regardless of being positioned at a remote locale, Love Lake provides guests magnificent sunset views beyond imagination against the endless desert’s backdrop and encircled by charming surroundings of the gorgeous and enormous lake.

Relish BBQ

A much adored Love Lake activity is relishing BBQ in the company of loved ones. Dedicated barbeque sections are present here just appropriate for some good food & good mood. You require carrying your barbeque materials like fuel oil, barbeque pit, dry wood, charcoal, and more. Also ensure to clean the spot post dinner and adhere to set rules. Carefully throw the burned charcoal’s remains. Avoid throwing it in the river as it can turn environmentally hazardous.

Running and Jogging

Equipped with a rubber track you can take pleasure of jogging and running in this place. You may also cycle around. Children will adore this activity. Besides, you may enjoy a lazy walk and soak in nature’s miracles.

Family Picnic

Owing to its green lush settings, you can arrange a family picnic here. The lawns are great for romantic picnics. The vistas of birds are one to behold. Pack the picnic basket, assemble closed ones, and get on board for a moment of laughter and relaxation amidst the splendor of nature.

Night Beauty

With the descending of dusk, the lake gets a magical makeover. The romantic allure heaps on as the lake gets blanketed with the dark sky with a celestial awning. Witness a dreamy setting with shimmering lights all across casting a gorgeous mirror image on the water. Also take pleasure of a moonlit stroll with your better half hand-in-hand. Lastly bask in the romantic ambiance with a lake side candlelit dinner relishing scrumptious cuisine.

Nearby Attractions

• Cycling at the cycling track of AI Qudra
• Visit AI Qudra Lake at the best time, that is, early evening
• Dine at Last Exit AI Qudra
• Step into AI Marmoum, UAE’s biggest unfenced conservation reserve
• Meet animals up close at the Camel Farm

Best Eateries Adjacent Love Lake

• Starbucks • Nara Desert Escape • Zad Food Stores • AI Sarab Rooftop Lounge • Hidden Café

Accommodations Adjacent Love Lake

• Rove Downtown Dubai
• Address Downtown
• Palace Downtown
• Sofitel Dubai Downtown
• Vida Downtown


This sums up the Love Lake. Plan your excursion right away to gaze at Love Lake’s beauty and soothing ambiance firsthand. Allow Dubai’s natural marvel to stir your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Name some activities at Love Lake

• Jogging/running
• Swimming
• Cycling
• Bird watching
• Picnics

Q2. Does Love Lake have any entrance fee?

No it is free for all.

Q3. What is the most opportune time to explore Love Lake?

The cooler months of October-April are the most opportune time to explore Love Lake.

Q4. Is photography permissible?

Yes, photography in Love Lake is permissible.

Q5. What are the facilities that Love Lake offers?

• Parking facility
• Restrooms
• Shaded sitting area
• Prayer Room

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