Top 8 Desert Safari Destinations in the World

It is the tranquility and stillness of the earth in the dawn, the untouched wilderness, and camping at dusk that make a desert safari a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Desert safari is the premium style to unfold any kind of holiday. Be it the rolling dunes of the UAE, the charm of the long desert in India, or the unusual setting of sand in the mind-blowing urban USA, safaris are made to fill your heart with joy and your journey with adventure.

Who doesn’t want to sleep under the blanket of stars, revel in desert pursuits, start the morning with a hot air balloon and end the night with mouth-watering barbecue in the center of the desert ?

There are so many safaris around the world, some continental and a few traditional, but most of them are exquisite in detail and offer first-class service.

Best Desert Safari Destinations Around the Globe

The list of top 8 desert safari goes as-

1. Dubai, UAEThe Arabian Desert : 


It is the blockbuster choice of all. Desert safari Dubai is famous among locals, royals, and celebrities. The Arabian Desert is a flip of what you see throughout the rich and voguish city of Dubai. As you get closer to the desert, you will find the huge buildings vanishing into the large stretch of red dunes. The escapade promises a time full of excitement and zeal. It has a lot of variations, from the hot air balloon ride in the morning to the evening desert safari with a 4×4 dune-bashing session and slow-pace camel riding to the overnight desert safari that introduces you to the peace and warmth in the Bedouin tents under the moonlit sky. A typical desert safari looks like a thrilling dune drive, camel riding, sandboarding, a photoshoot at sunset, belly dancing, a Tanura show, shisha, Arabic coffee, a barbecue buffet, falconry, and henna designing.

Best Time to Visit : October to April

2. Cairo, Egypt The Sahara Desert :


Have you seen the desert that looks so perfect, as if it were handmade? The Sahara is known for the largest desert and its picturesque sculpted dune. In addition, you can find historic ruins, natural treasures, and luxury resorts. You can go driving and diving over the sunburnt dunes. This is an amazing opportunity to explore life beyond towns and cities. To begin with, there are quintessential activities: astride the camel, which slowly takes you around the desert; jumping up to the pace with a 4WD expedition; and a remote campfire. The traditional life, ancient villages, and rocky mountains make the trip worth it. This endless sandscape also runs through Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria.

Best Time to Visit : October to April and early May

3. Jaisalmer, India The That Desert :


Jaisalmer is the prestigious city of Maharajas in India, where you will discover colourful turbans, big smiles, hospitable locals, and grand palaces. As you leave the royal city behind and head towards the desert, the rustic lifestyle begins. They offer plenty of safaris, but their ‘night stay desert camp’ is by far the best, and their long itineraries are eclectic and awesome. Amid the sandy plains, guests can marvel at the fascinating scenes and try hands-on action-packed performances like Jeep safaris, quad biking, paragliding, and blasting sand dunes. The trendy campsite for dinner and a stay in the oasis is unforgettable. Watch the sunset on the camel’s back, get fond of the Rajasthani folk dances and mujras, savor the authentic and famous Indian cuisine, and spend your night in luxurious tents.

Best Time to Visit : October to March

4. Muscat, Oman Wahiba Sands :


Explored by jeeps or camels, the Wahiba Sands have been on the bucket list of many travelers in recent times. Extending over 200 kilometers from the Eastern Hajar Mountains to the Arabian Sea, the desert is amber-colored and has towering dunes, which can challenge your adventure guts. It is surprising to see the magnificent flora and fauna in the gorgeous wadi. The complete layout feels like paradise. Lavish camps are built in the excellent center of the desert, where you can take memorial photos, ride camels and horses, and participate in a 4×4 dune bash. Before hitting the desert, you can check out the small villages, rock formations, and narrow canyons, and then later have food at a local restaurant.

Best Time to Visit : October to March

5. Nevada, USA – The Black Rock Desert : 


It’s time to bond with the camels. Tucked between the Jackson and Calico Mountain Ranges, the Black Rock Desert is a plain, gorgeous landscape of lava beds and alkali flats. This desert in Nevada is devoted to animals (meet wildlife ranging from two-toed sloths to armadillos) and is one of the top preferred destinations to relax on the sand. It is up to you to unfurl the adventure and enjoy the activities in the golden sand in summer or the snow-covered desert in winter. It defines a new kind of safari with off-road luxury SUVs. As the line of activities reveals, you get to live the wildest part of your life: wildlife viewing, hiking, hot spring bathing, and stepping into the ghost towns. When the sun sets, there is a bonfire and campsites equipped with modern amenities. On the last leg, end the night with delicious food and stargazing.

Best Time to Visit : August to October and March to May

6. Namibia, South Africa The Namib Desert : 


Be prepared for a truly incredible experience as you embark on the journey to the oldest desert in the world. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the high inland plateau, the backdrop of the Namib Desert is very attractive and quaint. Along with the surreal beauty and spell, there are rare plants and amazing wildlife thriving here, including ostriches, antelopes, desert elephants and gazelles. Trekking is impressive as you move to explore the desert on foot and hike the apricot-colored dunes. By the time you get over the exuberance, the unrivaled luxury of the lodges, the bonfire arrangement, and the raising infinity pools will steal your heart again. The other highlights are ancient San Rock cave paintings, hot air balloon rides, and quad biking. The landmark is the largest game reserve in the world, Namib-Naufluft National Park.

Best Time to Visit : March to May. August to October

7. Erg Chebbi, Morocco – The Sahara Desert : 


You must visit and ogle at this part of the Sahara Desert in Morocco because it has the highest sand dunes brought and piled up by the power of winds. It is a common tourist destination that changes its appearance over time and presents spectacular moments that you won’t find anywhere else. It is blessed with a huge range of flora and fauna, which includes rare plants, various reptiles, desert plants, and uncommon birds. The delightful evening begins with the burning of the log fire, different programs laid around it, and stargazing.

Best Time to Visit : March to May and August to October

8. Outback, Australia – The Great Victoria Desert : 


For the weary travelers, who seek respite and want to travel away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the biggest Australian desert is one of the most enchanting natural wonders. The undulating landscape and the dry desert is a place which boasts the best of nature, culture and history. Sit in the 4WD vehicle and whizz through the remote areas and small towns. It is a stony desert which has red sand and all the visitors are taken aback by the untamed appeal of the place. From jumping in the cool pools to unwinding in the night skies that burst with stars, it is an entire another world that you will stay at.

Best Time to Visit : January

So, set on the phenomenal expedition in any country you like.

Taking a desert safari for the first time can be exhilarating and overwhelming experience. It is an excellent adventure that will add great moments to your life. If planning to embark on this exciting adventure of a lifetime, use this world desert safari guide for first time visitors. You will enjoy involving in all the activities conducted on the wide-stretch desert landscape, the breathtaking sunsets, the starry nights, the serene desert atmosphere, and lots more.

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