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Dubai’s vast expanse of the desert is a haven for off-road adventure and amusement. If you are an action lover or thrill seeker, come add an epic adventure to your desert expedition in Dubai. Explore the region’s desert landscape with a twist as you set off through the unparalleled off-road trails on a state-of-the-art dune buggy. This dune buggy Dubai session allows you to get out into the rugged golden sands at your own pace with zero prior experience.

A dune buggy is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that promises a fast-paced adventure over Dubai’s untouched desert. Choose from a 60- or 120-minute session before you take control of a high-performance yet easy-to-maneuver two-seater or four-seater dune buggy. Rest assured of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with the freedom to admire and tackle the isolated, compelling dunes at your comfortable speed from a whole new perspective. The high-end safety standards and expert guidance of a professional team makethis tour a must-experience for beginners and seasoned riders alike.

Fun and thrills don’t end here: intrepid guests can experience the delight of testing their balancing skills on the sands with a sandboarding session and engage in optional activities like a 60- or 120-minute quad biking tour for an additional charge. Besides all essential protective gear like goggles and safety helmets, unlimited refreshments are provided to keep you energized throughout.

Tour Inclusions

  • 60- or 120-minute dune buggy ride (subject to your choice)
  • 60- or 120-minute quad bike ride (subject to your choice)
  • Sandboarding
  • Protective gear like helmet and goggles
  • Unlimited Refreshments 
  • Soft drink and snacks (only if sunrise or quad bike ride is chosen)


  • Hotel transfers
  • All personal expenses spend for shopping on-site
Frequently Asked Questions

A dune buggy is a motor-based lightweight vehicle that runs on dunes and is used for recreational purposes like off-road driving. It is characterized by large wheels, wide tires, and agility, giving you the much-needed pace in the desert. You can recognize it by its open-air look.

No, kids aren’t allowed to drive dune buggies. Tour operators have different age limits for this activity. But rounding off, the minimum age requirement to drive the buggy on desert safari in Dubai is 18 years. Kids aged 14 years and above can sit as a passenger in the 2-seated dune buggy.

It is not mandatory, but having an experience won’t hurt. You can gear up and learn the basics at the desert safari under the guidance of experts. They will briefly explain how to drive and other things to know before going on a self-driven adventure.

The minimum age requirement for driving a dune buggy in Dubai is 18. There may also be height and weight restrictions, so confirm with the operator beforehand.

A dune buggy of a desert safari holds two people. So consequently, this exhilarating desert experience can be enjoyed solo or by a couple.

Winter months (November-March) are the best time to indulge in outdoor excursions in Dubai. The temperature is milder, making the dune buggy ride comfortable and exciting.

The dune buggy might look challenging for first-timers, but it’s completely safe. You will get safety gear like a helmet and goggles. The dune buggy has a seat belt and roll cage to avoid mishap. Also, there will be professional trainers along the ride. Drive at a safe speed, follow the instructions, remain in the convoy, and create unforgettable moments.

Walking or riding in the desert will expose your feet to heat and sand — which could cause a disturbance due to a gritty base. So, the best option for footwear is shoes or any closed-toe footwear.

Yes, there are guided Dune Buggy tours available in Dubai. You will find experienced instructors detailing the do’s and don’ts of driving. They will help you gear up and prep up for the adventure.

No, you don’t need a driving license to drive the dune buggy. It can be attempted by those without previous experience and is ideal for beginners.

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