World’s First Ever Football Theme Park Real Madrid World in Dubai

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. For football fans, Dubai offers an invaluable gift: the first-ever football theme park based on the legendary Spanish football club, Real Madrid Theme Park Dubai. Now, visitors to Dubai can enjoy the excitement of football and rides and attractions themed on the sport. This theme park boasts interactive exhibits, immersive rides, and celebrates the spirit of football that crosses boundaries.

Read Madrid Theme Park Dubai Location

Real Madrid World Dubai

To explore this theme park, you don’t have to visit Spain. Built with state-of-the-art technology, this engaging amusement park is in Dubai at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is perfect for families to spend a day full of adventure and thrills as it captivates visitors like no other. A visit to Real Madrid World guarantees an unforgettable journey for sports lovers. By launching the theme park in partnership with Dubai Parks and Resorts, Real Madrid Club allows football fans to experience the electrifying atmosphere of a football match.

Immersive Experiences for Football Lovers

Real Madrid Theme Park in Dubai is more than an amusement park; it recreates the magic of Real Madrid and celebrates football in exciting ways. Visitors can live the club’s historical moments with the Bernabéu Experience, walking through the iconic trophy room, locker room, etc. Dubai also delights art and culture lovers with the renowned Arte Museum Dubai. If you want to fan your imagination and enjoy the realm of art, do visit this museum.

Real Madrid Theme Park Dubai Attractions and Rides

Real Madrid World offers a plethora of electrifying attractions and rides for sports fans. From high-speed roller coasters to immersive rides, visitors are sure to experience the thrill of a football match. While these recreational facilities are seen in every theme park, Real Madrid Theme Park Dubai stands out for its exceptional rides, especially the wooden roller coaster, which is the region’s first-of-its-kind and the world’s tallest amusement ride. The theme park is divided into three zones:

Champions Avenue:

This zone is dedicated to the glorious history and remarkable achievements of the legendary football club in the world. Built with Spanish-inspired architecture, this zone promises an immersive experience for football enthusiasts.

• Meet the Stars

Life-sized figures of football champions who contributed to the success of the Club. It is a great opportunity for football fans to stand besides the football legends and click selfies.

• White Hearts:

Through entertaining display, this arena helps reveal the Club’s spirit and many achievements that glorify the Club’s journey.

Celebration Plaza :

This zone is the hub of entertainment for fans to enjoy their favorite sport. From celebrating the spirit of football to engaging in interactive activities and enjoying the flavour of Spanish cuisines, the Celebration Plaza offers something for fans of all ages.

Real Madrid Theme Park
• Explore the Secret Realm of Read Madrid:

Take a tour of this arena and get a closer look at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Access the off-limits spaces and walk through the locker room used by football legends and witness the 14 Champions Leagues trophies and 11 European Cups proudly displayed in the trophy cabinet. This behind-the-scenes experience will mesmerize you.

• Hala Madrid: The Coaster

Prepare yourself to ride an incredible roller coaster ride that captures Real Madrid’s spirit. Experience the intense feeling of excitement and high-speed thrill, twists, and turn that exemplify the Club’s journey.

Stars Universe:

• The Factory of Dream:

Want to see how and where legends are trained? Step into this arena and take an interesting journey through state-of-the-art virtual reality that brings the magic of wearing the ‘white uniforms’ to life. Taking this experience will make you feel like being one of the eleven players on the field.

• Goal Coaster:

Compete with you rival teams on this goal coaster and enjoy the ups and downs as well as twists and turns that you make you feel as scoring a goal on the pitch. From young to the grownups, every one can enjoy this ultimate goal-scoring adventure.

• Stars Flyer:

There is no limit for thrills at Real Madrid. Enjoy a ride with your loved ones that starts from the ground and goes up to the height of 460 feet in the air. As the ride goes up, you will feel it going to touch the sky.

The sheer joy of a football match whether watched on the television set or in the stadium cannot be compared to anything. The Real Madrid World offers the same joy to visitors by incorporating the spirit and values of the world-famous football club. So, enjoy and feel the excitement of the most-loved sport in the world at this first-ever football them park in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What attractions and experiences Real Madrid World in Dubai offers to visitors?

This first-ever football theme park in Dubai provides visitors with various attractions and experiences. You can enjoy interactive exhibits, explore advanced simulators, and themed rides that let you experience the excitement of participating in a live football match. Additionally, avid fans can watch multimedia displays and gain insight into the Real Madrid rich history, view exclusive memorabilia, and even leverage the opportunity to participate in football clinics and training sessions headed-by certified professional coaches. The theme park also offers Real Madrid-themed outlets for dining and the official merchandise retail outlets.

2: Is Real Madrid World worth visiting with children and families?

Yes. Real Madrid World in Dubai is a theme park for whole family, which caters to football fans across the globe. It offers interactive games for children. Young football lovers can also take football training. There are children-friendly rides as well. Families can enjoy live entertainment shows and participate in virtual reality experiences together. Fans of Real Madrid Club can enjoy exhibits on the club’s history and view all the trophies won. In short, the theme park provides an enjoyable experience for all ages.

3. What is the ticket price to visit Real Madrid World?

The ticket price start from AED295. Kids under three years old can access the theme park for free.

4. Where to purchase Real Madrid World tickets?

Tickets to Real Madrid World in Dubai are available on their official website and at the park’s entrance as well. The tickets are available as single-day passes, and multi-day passes. Die-hard football fans can also avail option of annual memberships. Groups and families can opt for special packages and experience behind-the-scenes tours along with exclusive access to certain attractions.

5. How to get to Real Madrid World Theme Park?

Real Madrid Work Theme Park is located within Dubai Parks and Resorts on Sheikh Zayed Road. To visit the theme park, several transportation options are available in Dubai.

Dubai Metro: The Dubai Metro is the fastest, convenient, and cost-effective option to travel within the city.  You can take the Red Line and alight at the nearest station from where you can take a short taxi ride or shuttle to Real Madrid World.

Bus: Dubai’s Public Transportation System covers the entire city. You can use it and alight at the nearest bus stop to the theme park. From there, you can cover the remaining distance by walking or taking a taxi.

Car Rental: Various tour operators and car rental companies in Dubai offer transportation services. You can avail car rental service to get to the theme park from anywhere across the city of Dubai.

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