How Much Does it Cost to go to Dubai?

Dubai is one of the cities on everyone’s travel bucket list. It offers attractions to suit all kinds of travelers; whether you are a culture and art enthusiast or an adventure junkie, there are many options to choose from. While Dubai is a great place to travel with friends or couples, it is also a perfect family holiday destination. However, the one thing that keeps everyone away from traveling to Dubai is the budget. With so much luxury around, it is obvious to think that Dubai is an expensive city. And it surely is! But this does not mean a person with a limited budget cannot visit this city. So, let us answer some questions to help you get an insight into the factors to consider while planning the budget for your Dubai trip.

1. What is the Average Cost of a Trip to Dubai?

time to visit Dubai

The overall cost of your Dubai holiday will depend on a lot of factors. The season you want to travel, your accommodation, your food choices, and so on will impact your budget.

2. What Time of the Year You Plan to Visit Dubai

Like every holiday destination, the time of year you plan to travel will affect your budget. Right from air tickets to hotel accommodations, the prices vary according to the season. The summer months, between June and September, are the hottest but also the cheapest. Sightseeing can get difficult during this time, especially during the daytime due to the scorching heat. The best time to travel to Dubai would be from November to April when the climate is much more pleasant. However, it would also be expensive to visit because of the holidays and the Dubai Shopping Festival, particularly in December and January. Booking your flights and hotel rooms well in advance will be beneficial. In a nutshell, Dubai in June, July and August attracts the budget travelers, while the spendthrifts come around New Year.

3. What is the Cost of Air Tickets for Dubai?

air ticket cost for dubai

The first thing to consider while planning a holiday is the airfare.

Flight tickets during December can cost approximately AED 1500, while during the off-season, they would cost between AED 900 and 1000.

There would be slight variations in the cost of tickets during the weekends. So, do your research well before you book your tickets. Check out various travel websites and airlines to compare the prices before booking the tickets to get the best deals.

4. What is the Visa cost for Dubai?

Another thing you may have to spend money on is a UAE or Dubai visa. Unless you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter the UAE, you must pay a fee to get one. The cost of a UAE visa depends on the type of visa you need. The price would differ for a single-entry, a multiple-entry, a 14-day, a 30-day, and a 90-day visa.

On average, the UAE visa fee can range from AED 350 to AED 3000.

5.What is the average cost of Accommodation in Dubai?

burj al arab Dubai

Dubai is home to several luxurious hotels, including the seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. While staying at these hotels would cost you a lot, these are not your only options. In fact, there are several low and mid-range hotels in Dubai. Most of these hotels are not very expensive and provide good facilities.

Budget Hotels

A night at one of the budget hotels in Dubai can cost between AED 150 and AED 270, while a mid-range hotel can cost between AED 350 and AED 500.

Luxury Hotels

If you want to stay in luxury, you will need a budget between AED 700 and AED 900. However, Dubai’s luxurious hotels like the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Atlantis the Palm, etc. can cost between AED 1000 and AED 1500.

If you want to save money on accommodation as well as other expenditures, you can book an Airbnb.

6. How Much does Public Transportation Cost in Dubai?

7. What are the Food and Beverage Costs in Dubai?

food and drink cost in dubai

You may be on a tight holiday budget, but it is not possible to starve yourself to save money. On the other hand, in Dubai, it would be difficult to ignore your appetite, where a gourmet experience awaits you. Dubai is a city where you will find every cuisine available in the world. Apart from the scrumptious Arabic cuisine, you will find cuisines from India, China, Pakistan, Asia, America, Europe, etc. across the city.

While numerous restaurants focus on fine dining, there are several cafes and small restaurants where you would be able to have a delicious meal at reasonable rates. 

Budget Restaurant

A meal at a budget restaurant can cost you between AED 20 and AED 40

Mid Range Restaurant

It will cost between AED 100 and AED 150

Luxurious Dining Experience

Get ready to splurge between AED 400 and AED 500.

Most hotels offer complimentary breakfast, but if yours does not, grabbing a snack and coffee at a nearby cafe would be less expensive than breakfast at your hotel. You can also save money by having a local delicacy like shawarma for lunch or dinner, which is inexpensive filling, and delicious. If you stay in an Airbnb or an apartment, you can cook most of your meals and save money.

Some much favored Dubai dishes and its costs include, 

AED 40 onward

AED 40 onward

AED 35 onward

AED 40 onward

AED 50 onward

AED 40 onward

AED 30 onward

AED 40 onward

AED 15 onward

AED 5 onward

AED 5 onward

8. What will be the average costs spent on Sightseeing and Entry Tickets to Attractions

When visiting Dubai, you will definitely want to go sightseeing, which will cost you money. There are several things that you can do and places you can see for free in the city. However, some of the major attractions like visiting the observation deck of Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Frame, a desert safari, a dhow cruise, etc, will cost money.

AED 100 onward


AED 250

AED 150 onward

AED 150 onward

Free entry, activity charges differ

Free entry, activity and dining charges differ

Prices vary as per duration and boat type

AED 40 onward

However, booking a tour package from tour companies like Imonholidays or Rayna Tours is one way to save money. They provide several Dubai tour packages from desert safari to untold places you can see for free in Dubai, to suit different budgets. Some of these companies also offer special deals and discounts.

9. How Much does it Cost to fly from India to Dubai?

The minimum cost of going on a holiday to Dubai from India can be around Rs. 75,000, i.e. AED 3900 per person. This includes staying at a mid-range hotel, eating at reasonable restaurants, traveling by bus or metro, obtaining a visa (Indians need to get a visa before they leave for UAE or Dubai), and sightseeing. However, this does not include how much you will spend on shopping at the city’s malls or souks. If you travel alone, you can reduce the cost by booking cheap air tickets and accommodation.

10. How much does a Vacation to Dubai from the USA Cost?

Traveling to Dubai from the USA would only differ in the cost of the air tickets. The rest would depend on how much money you want to spend. There is no limit to the maximum amount you can spend in this splendid city. However, one thing you have to worry about when traveling from the USA to Dubai is getting a UAE visa. Citizens of the USA and people with a USA resident visa are granted a visa on arrival in the UAE.

11. What is the fairly accurate communication & Wi-Fi charge while touring to Dubai?

Glitch-free communication and remaining connected sans any malfunctions during a Dubai expedition is critical for every voyager. Let’s throw light on the chief pointers to reflect on,

  • Wi-Fi: These are obtainable for free more or less all over entailing airports
  • Internet Calling:Voyagers may pick premium packages/VPN solutions for free
  • Emergency Services:Calling any emergency service in Dubai is free of cost
  • SIM Cards: SIMs diverges in price in accordance to both the plan coupled with the specific provider with opening expenses being just about AED 50 onward.
  • Local Calling:Here too just as SIM cards, costs of local calling too differ as per the plan and provider selected, with starting costs being about AED 0.60/min

12. What is the insurance fee while touring Dubai?


Dubai’s travel insurance fee per person is around $50 onward. The cost rests on diverse factors-coverage options, trip duration and age of the traveler.


Premier providers of travel insurance providing coverage for the golden city entail Travel Guard, World Nomads & Allianz Global Assistance.


It covers delay/loss of baggage, emergency medical evacuation, interruption/cancellation of trip, and medical expenses. Additional coverage entail rental car insurance, adventure activities, others.

13. What is the rough travel expenditure to Dubai catering single, family members, or couples?

The approximate travel cost to Dubai if you travel alone, as a couple, or with family differs. This is calculated based on personal preferences, time of year chosen, and trip duration.


Approximately $ 800 onward for about 3 days as per activities, accommodation, food, and transportation


Approximately $1500 onward for 4 days as per activities, accommodation, food, and transportation


Approximately $4000 onward for 5 days including 2 adults + 2 kids as per activities, accommodation, food, and transportation

14. What is the souvenirs charge on an average during a Dubai tour?

Dubai has carved a niche as a shopper’s retreat offering gifts & souvenir selections in large quantity. Their costs vary resting on the location as well as the item. Some admired picks entail,

AED 500 onward

AED 500 onward

AED 100 onward

AED 50 onward

AED 50 onward

AED 10 onward

AED- 10 onward

AED 20 onward

Money Saving Tips during Dubai Travel
  • Book for air tickets + accommodation well in advance
  • Use comparison websites for the top deals
  • Consider budget airlines
  • Opt for wallet-friendly accommodations
  • Use public transport
  • Opt for street food + local eateries
  • Head towards free attractions
  • Get a Dubai Pass
  • Make the most of deals/coupons
  • Make your own itinerary

Opt for tax-free purchasing, look for sales, visit souks

Effective Travelling Tips (Solo + Group)
  • Research the destination in and out
  • Stay connected
  • Pack light
  • Safety first
  • Engage with locals
  • Remain hydrated
  • Carry necessary medications + first-aid kit
  • Invest in Travel insurance
  • Have copies of crucial documents
  • Respect local traditions/customs
  • Have different modes of payment
  • Ideal visiting time- Nov-Mar
  • Dress modestly particularly in mosques and other worshipping places
  • Be respectful while clicking photographs of religious sites/locals
  • No display of public affection

How much you want to spend will answer the question, “How much money do I need to go to Dubai.” With proper research and careful planning, you can create a suitable budget for your Dubai trip and enjoy the Arabic experience and hospitality in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is a Dubai trip expensive?

A Dubai trip can be affordable or expensive based on your desires and distinctive choices.

Q2. What is the typical accommodation expenditure in Dubai?

It is about $50 onward.

Q3. In Dubai what is the typical expenditure of a meal?

In Dubai what is the typical expenditure of a meal?

Q4. What is the average transportation cost in Dubai?

It costs about AED 2 onwards for bus and metro.

Q5. Name some free spots in Dubai?

  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Palm Jumeirah

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