Dubai in June- Weather, Things to do, Events and More

Travel to Dubai in June, when the mercury soars and pleasures are waiting to be unfurled. Though most will shun away from the sweltering heat, adventure souls will clasp the summer sizzle. June in Dubai is a time when the Land of Dreams comes alive, offering a fusion of heritage, affluence, and unlimited adventures that rebel against the extreme heat. Is touring the City of Gold during the summers worth a try? Let’s delve into the city’s irresistible allure amidst the heat wave.

Dubai Weather in June

dubai wheather June

Dubai’s weather in June is undeniably hot, reaching a maximum temperature of about 38 degrees. Being a desert locale, June gets no rainfall, but high humidity is expected with sunlight that lasts for about 10-12 hours during the day. The evenings, on the contrary, are pleasant and cool. Due to the intense heat, necessary precautions like hydration, dabbing sun lotion, and opting for restricted outdoor activities are suggested.

Dubai’s June Delights

Things to do in Dubai in June entail,

• Desert Safari

Visiting Dubai and not indulging in a desert safari is just not possible. The good news is that even in the scorching month of June, exploring this raw beauty makes sense, especially so in the case of a debut excursion. To keep the heat at bay, opt for an evening safari to relish the infectious beauty of the fiery sunset, or even better, go on an overnight safari to take pleasure in stargazing with the cool breeze blowing by. The desert landscape also has ample on its platter that gives a touch to the deep-rooted Bedouin culture in Arabian coffee/tea, dates, a delicious BBQ dinner, henna art, Tanoura, and more.

Tickets :
Morning : About AED 120 onward

Evening : About AED 40 onward

Night : About AED 250 onward

• Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Touring the world’s tallest building in June can be elating, provided you are ready to bear the annoying heat. To stay away from peak heat, it is highly suggestive to discover this epitome of architectural and technological prowess early morning or late evening. The best part is that the vistas after the setting sun or at night are spellbound. Most importantly, thinner crowds during the month will make the vista far better. The observation decks provide a gorgeous panoramic scene of the city’s skyline. Do not miss the nighttime view of Burj Khalifa, brimming with life and offering a magical milieu with its starry lights.

Tickets : AED 210 for prime hours (3pm – 6:30 pm)

AED 135 for non prime hours (8:30 am – 2:30 pm) (7pm-11pm)

• Dhow Cruise

dhow cruise Dubai

There cannot be anything more enchanting than indulging in a breezy evening dhow cruise during the hot summers in June. With electrifying live music and the infectious vistas of the night skyline, you definitely cannot ask for more. Savor the delectable traditional cuisine that satisfies every distinct taste bud. In short, a Dubai dhow cruise can be an extraordinary experience with the ideal juxtaposition of letting loose, drop-dead gorgeous vistas, and a moment of soaking in the golden city’s milieu.

Tickets :Ticket-AED 50 Onward

Timings : Evenings are best 

• Aquaventure Water Park


June usually brings with it warm temperatures, ideal for taking pleasure in endless water activities, shoots, flumes, slides, and a handful of thrilling rides. With temperatures soaring, visiting this Dubai waterpark during this month promises a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat, opening rooms for that much-awaited cool-off and soaking in fun surrounded by loved ones.

Tickets : AED 320 onward

Timings : 9:30am – 6:30pm

• Dubai Frame


Dubai’s most recent addition is a must-visit. It is crafted to offer visitors the ideal juxtaposition of the yesteryears, the current age, and the upcoming future of the golden city. The Dubai Frame comprises two galleries, representing the past and the future. June is a good month to explore the Dubai Frame for the azure skies and minimal dust that promise fantastic vistas of old and new Dubai without any barrier. Not being a peak season means encountering minimal crowds with shorter queues and easy visibility.

Tickets : AED 50 onward

Timings : 9am – 9pm

• Ski Dubai

sky dubai

Exploring Ski Dubai during peak summer ensures a unique, contrasting experience over sweltering outside temperatures. Ski Dubai is brimming with untold activities waiting to be unfurled, surrounded by real white powdery snow. Visitors can enjoy various activities encompassing snowboarding, skiing, playing with penguins, tobogganing, etc. Besides, visitors can also relish refreshing hot chocolate as they soak in the gorgeous snowy scenery.

Tickets : AED 150 onward

Timings : 10am -11pm (Sun-Thu), 9am -10pm (Friday), 9am -11pm (Sat)

• Mosques

Dubai Mosque

For solace, head to Dubai’s famed mosques, which are beautiful inside and out. These Arabic marvels are just outstanding. Especially during festivities such as Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha you can experience a different charm altogether here. The different Dubai mosques, from Jumeirah Mosque to the Grand Mosque, organize special prayers, gatherings, exchange greetings, give charity, share meals, and more. The vibe here at this time, in one word, is just priceless.

Tickets : Free entry

Timings : Jumeirah Mosque (9am – 5pm) Fri closed, Grand Mosque 24/7

Dubai June Staycation

Dubai is replete with diverse staycation choices to cater to people of every taste and wallet.  

  • Hostels: Hey Beach, Dubai Beach, Top of Marina
  • Budget: Holiday Inn Express, Royal Ascot, and Arabian Park Hotel
  • Luxury: Ramada Jumeirah,Sheraton Dubai Creek, and Ritz Carlton

What to Wear in June in Dubai

Being extremely hot, with temperatures over 40 degrees, you must dress smart and light. Put on breathable and lightweight fabrics, preferably cotton and linen, that let better airflow. Complement the attire with good-quality shoes or comfortable sandals to walk with ease in the scorching heat. Should exploring a pool or beach be on your itinerary, carry swimwear. Carry light layers to explore indoor areas like restaurants and malls that are air-conditioned to keep warm. While outdoors, dab sun lotion in ample amounts, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and put on glares to stay safe from the intense sunlight. Most importantly, dress modestly, especially in public areas and religious spots, to show respect for the local customs.

What to Eat in June in Dubai

  • Machboos : This is a much-loved Emirati
    rich dish prepared using whole, flavorful local spices tossed with dried lemon.
    It is usually served with a delectable side of chicken, lamb, or shrimp that is
    locally caught. AI Fanar serves the best chicken machboos.

Address – Dubai Festival City Mall

  • QOOZI : With the locals’ much-preferred
    combination of meat and rice, Qoozi is undeniably a must-try on your Dubai
    holiday in June. This lamb dish is slow-cooked with raisins and roasted nuts
    and beautifully served with rice. Try this at Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant, and
    you are sure to ask for more.

Address – AI Rigga Road, Dubai

  • AL HAREES : If you have a weakness for
    porridge, you should savor this dish. It is prepared by mixing together meat,
    wheat, and salt, and then served in a porridge-like consistency. It is a
    special delicacy during special events, such as Eid, making June an ideal month
    to sample it. For delicious AI Harees, visit AI Makan.

Address – Souk Madinat Jumeirah, AI Safouh Road, Dubai

  • Camel Meat : This is a traditional Emirati stuffed
    camel delicacy that is mostly served during special occasions and also
    weddings. Camel meat is served in diverse ways, such as stuffed in burgers. The
    Local House serves yummy camel meat.

Address – 51, AI Bastakiya, Adjacent AI Fahidi Round Opposite AI Mussalla Post Office Meena Bazaar

  • MANDI: A traditional Yemini cuisine, it is highly famed in Dubai. Mandi is prepared with meat, spices, and rice. It is cooked slowly underground and then served with rice. Taste the best Mandi in Jood Mandy.

Address – Adjacent Uptown Mirdif Center, close to Lifco Supermarket, Mirdif, Baghdad Street, Dubai

Dubai June Events

Prep up for lots of June events in Dubai entailing,

• Hans Zimmer

Date – 31st May – 1st June, 2024


Venue –Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai


Timings – 9pm onwards


Ticket Price –AED 299 – AED 1399

• Russell Kane Stand-Up Comedy Show

Date – 2nd June, 2024


Venue –Theatre by QE2, Queen Elizabeth 2, Port Rashid, Dubai


Timings – 7pm


Ticket Price – AED 175

• Dubai Summer Surprises

Date – 29th June – 3rd September, 2024



• WHITE Fridays

Date –7th June, 2024


Venue –Al Meydan Rd – Nad Al Sheba – Nad Al Sheba 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Timings – 8:00 pm


• Bobby Wilson Show

Date – 18th June, 2024


Venue –77GP+8C7 – Port Rashid – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Timings – 7pm

• Aashish Solanki Live

Date –1st June, 2024


Venue – Dubai Heights Academy


Timings –  7:30 pm


Ticket Price – AED 99

Tips For Travel in June

  • Remain hydrated to beat the heat.
  • Pack an umbrella.
  • Book tickets for leading attractions in advance.
  • Explore indoor attractions, cultural sites, and malls during the day time to escape the heat.
  • Plan for any outdoor activity during the evenings or early mornings when the climate is agreeable and bearable.
  • Remain flexible with the itinerary.
  • Respect local traditions.
  • Easily access public transportation with a Nol Card.
  • Carry cash
  • Practice the necessary precautions.
  • Stay abreast of weather updates and local news.

Dubai in June is everything about welcoming warmth, both in terms of climate and hospitality. But the heat should never keep you away, as Dubai is replete with activities that suit every traveler and every season, from serene evening safaris to cooling activities in waterparks and more. With a little precaution, you can make your summer Dubai holiday an absolute success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is June a right month to explore Dubai?

Yes, it is, provided you are prepared to face the heat and take pleasure in evening activities and indoor attractions. Besides, thinner crowds and a dip in flights, as well as hotel fares, are a plus.

Q2. Name the major June events in Dubai.

  • Hans Zimmer-31st May-1st June, 2024
  • Russell Kane Stand-Up Comedy Show-2nd June, 2024
  • Dubai Summer Surprises-29th June-3rd September, 2024

Q3. Name some kids friendly activities in Dubai in June.

Q4. Can I take a sunbath in June in Dubai?

Yes, you can, preferably early in the morning.

Q5. Is June in Dubai too hot?

The weather in June is indeed hot, reaching a maximum temperature of 38 degrees

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