Top Things to do for Eid Al Fitr in Dubai

Eid Al Fitr in Dubai is always extravagant. The city is adorned with decors and lights in every nook and corner, every street, just everywhere. Bazaars and malls are replete with huge shopping deals as well as discounts, while preparation of Eid specials also takes place. Dubai brims to live with endless awaiting to be explored. Eid AI Fitr, 9_10th April, 2024 also is lined-up with gamut of surprises.

Understanding Eid AI Fitr

This grand religious Muslim festival is celebrated the world over with immense pomp and grandeur and Dubai too is in the race. Eid Al Fitr is Ramadan, the fasting month’s cessation, a time to celebrate, reflect, and enjoy family moments. In Dubai, this moment is all things festive with never-ending activities hosted all across. This celebration throws light on the efforts of the city to uphold its deep cultural heritage and at the same time embrace diversity as well as modernity. During this auspicious occasion, people from all walks of life gather for commemorating Ramadan’s closing along with the spirit of appreciation and generosity.

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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Magic in the Dunes.

Fun Facts

  • Join the Eid Nawaz prayer at 6:10am, 10th April, 2024 in a mosque or prayer ground that is designated
  • Breathe festive air in prides of Dubai- Dubai Marina, or the Palm Jumeirah adorned with special Eid theme
  • Savor Eid feasts particularly Emirati cuisines like Ouzi, or Luqaimat crafted specially by many eateries.
  • Walk around exhibitions or events displaying Emirati art. This is a golden opening for familiarizing the cultural heritage.
  • Have some family moments through picnics and gatherings in a beach or park, and enjoy bonding over fun, laughter, thrills, and delicacies.
  • Reap the perks of Eid promotions as well as sales in Dubai Malls, souks, and bazaars. Avail the best things to buy in Dubai at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Indulge in charitable acts like volunteering, giving gifts, or donations to spread joy.
  • Observe fireworks at Bluewaters Island, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Jumeirah Beach, & the Global Village

Top Dubai Places to Discover this Eid

Blue Mosque

eid al fitr

Be at awe at the Blue Mosque’s cultural as well as architectural splendor. It is a stunning masterpiece much favored for its precise detailing coupled with a design that is Ottoman-inspired, acting as an emblem of the presence of Islamic legacy in the city. Everyone inclusive of non-Muslim masses is welcome to adore rich diversity of the Blue Mosque.

Desert Safari

Dubai quad biking

Eid special desert safari will be matchless. Enjoying the desert’s raw beauty amidst the air of festivity is truly magical. Partake in dune bashes or quad biking or enjoy Tanoura shows accompanied with traditional feasts. What can be a better mode of Eid celebration than weaving memoirs in the rugged sands?

Global Village

Global Village Dubai

Dubai’s seasonal attraction the Global Village should never be missed on Eid for the special programs organized for commemorating the Ramadan spirit. Here you get a window into worldwide Ramadan celebrations under the same roof. The Ramadan Nights in the Global Village too are exciting replete with power-packed entertainment, lots of shopping, and non-stop eating.

Relish Iftar Meals

Iftar meal

Relish Arabic as well as Emirati cuisines at Iftar tents near the Atlantis as well as Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Be one with Muslim community in honoring Iftar every evening complemented with a gala feast, Arabian coffee, and also the shisha pipe.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

Step into Dubai Opera for beautiful live entertainment. In fact Dubai Opera on the occasion of Eid organizes special concerts. From Arabic, classics, to jazz, and more, you get it all. Should you desire in lightening up, Dubai Opera concerts are your rescuer.

Dolphin Bay

Do something unlike this Eid? Head on to the Dolphin Bay and spend quality time in the company of these cutiepies. Talk to them, swim with them, or even snorkel. Get the Dolphin Snorkel package for having the liberty of swimming with them guided by a specialist of marine animals.

Hai Ramadan Market

The Expo City on Ramadan’s holy month converts into a night market that provides visitors a magical expedition via the world of Islam. Partake in cultural as well as traditional activities at Hai Ramadan Market that peeps into the Emirati history and also gives a sneak peek into the cultures of South Asia as well as North Africa alike. Visitors can savor delectable menu from the world over and also indulge in the beauty coupled with the activities awaiting at Expo City.

Eid Events

Dubai has a plethora of events lined up this Eid for keeping you entertained,

  • Nawal EI Kuwaitia, Dubai Opera, 10th April, 2024
  • Rema, Coca-Cola Arena, 11th April, 2024
  • Saad Lamjarred, Dubai Festival City Mall, 12th April, 2024
  • Googoosh, Dubai Exhibition Centre, 12th April, 2024
  • Mohamed Ramadan, Agenda Dubai, 12th April, 2024
  • Elrow Dubai XXL, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, 13th April, 2024
  • Sarah Geronimo & Bamboo, Coca-Cola Arena, 14th April, 2024


Dubai is undeniably a supreme Eid destination. Grand festive spirit, exclusive shopping complemented with special promotions, showcase of deep cultural heritage, gala Eid feasts, innumerable world-class attractions, stunning beaches, to complete rejuvenation escapes, are enough proof to the statement. Dubai 2024 Eid celebrations are likely to be out of the box as non-stop preparations are on the move. Come join Dubai’s heartfelt Eid. Most importantly some tips for solo travelers in UAE during Eid comprise planning ahead, dress modestly, respect Eid etiquette, & stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. When is Eid Al Fitr in 2024?

It is on 9-10 th April, 2024.

Q2. Name 3 best places to see in 2024 Eid in Dubai?

  • Blue Mosque
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Opera

Q3. Name some Eid special cuisines

  • Ouzi
  • Luqaimat
  • Hashwa

Q4. Are there any upcoming Dubai events during Eid?

  • Nawal EI Kuwaitia, Dubai Opera, 10th April, 2024
  • Rema, Coca-Cola Arena, 11th April, 2024
  • Saad Lamjarred, Dubai Festival City Mall, 12th April, 2024

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