A Guide to Dubai Dhow Cruise: Attractions, Dinner, and Many More

Dubai offers the best location for floating restaurants. There are many dine-in restaurants all over the city, but nothing beats the ambiance of a dhow cruise. The Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the top things to do in Dubai. Visitors can experience the old-world charm of dhow boats alongside world-class entertainment.

What is a Dhow?

dhow cruise Dubai

The ‘Dhow’ is a charming wooden vessel used in the Middle East since 600 BC, built by local fishing communities, and used for trade, transportation, and navigating the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. But at present, these magnificent boats have evolved from small sailboats to luxury cruises, offering the most memorable dining experience and a unique way to explore the main attractions of Dubai. They have an old-world charm reflecting the Bedouin culture of the past.

A Dhow Cruise Experience

A dhow cruise sail provides a slow sail over the canal waters. The cruise has two decks. The lower deck is fully air-conditioned and hosts live performances. Enjoy the cool breeze and take in the famous landmarks while sitting on the partially open upper deck. The illuminated boats have stylish, cosy interiors, and the ambiance in a dhow is very relaxing. The expanse of the sea, the water splashing on the white sands before retreating, and the hue of the setting sun creates a marvellous cinematic effect in your mind.

Entertainment on board a Dhow Cruise

Professional artists will showcase outstanding performances as you savour every bite of the delicious treat served on board the cruise. Guests can enjoy the Tanoura Dance – an Egyptian folk dance performed by a male artist, wearing a multi-coloured skirt with geometrical designs that make different patterns as they twirl. The dress also has LED light bulbs lit during the performance, making for a visual treat for guests. Guests can enjoy magic shows and decorate their hands with beautiful henna designs (at an extra cost).

Dining on a Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise Marina Dinner Arrangement

Dubai Dinner Dhow cruises are exceptional floating restaurants. The dinner buffet comprises an extensive selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, served with salads, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts from Asian, Arabic, Mediterranean, and Continental cuisine. You receive dates as soon as you board the dhow.

Unlimited tea, ‘Kahwah’, the traditional Arabic coffee, juices, and cold drinks are available to guests for refreshment. Cash bars are there on dhows so that you may buy alcoholic beverages. After supper, the boat also serves traditional Arabic desserts to satisfy your palate.


Super Hospitality

The crew on the dhows are experienced and very professional, and you can expect typical Emirati hospitality. From the moment you enter the dhow to the end of the cruise, they will ensure that all your needs are well looked after. Even though there is a buffet dinner, they will provide food on the table based on your preferences.

In addition to the regular cruises, there are several themed cruises for special events. E.g., the New Year’s Eve Cruise. It is perfect for people who want to celebrate the New Year most exotically, with champagne, New Year’s cake, and fireworks. Another is Valentine’s Day Cruise, a great way to make your loved one feel special.


Types of Dhow Cruises

Making a cruise decision is a crucial next step after deciding to have the most thrilling trip on a dhow.

Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Creek is a natural bay. It is the perfect choice for people who want to experience the heart of Dubai with a touch of culture and tradition. This cruise is only committed to the traditional Bedouin style of living, a walk through history and has its charm. Journey down Dubai Creek, which flows through Deira and Bur Dubai, the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. The buildings are from ancient days, like the wind towers and the souks or bazaars. As you embark on this journey, you can view the ancient monuments and souqs (marketplaces) like Sheikh Saeed’s House, Heritage Village, Bastakiya Quarter, the Grand Mosque, Old Boat Fort, Dubai National Bank, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Gold Souq, Spice Souq, and many more. 

Boarding Points The Dubai Creek cruises start at the British Embassy Dubai, Opposite the British Consulate, and Marsa Al Seef St.

Dubai Marina Cruise

dhow cruise Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a 3 km beautiful waterfront with a promenade for people to relax, jog, and run. The cruise begins from the Jumeirah Beach Residences, where you can gaze upon the Marina Boardwalk with innumerable cafes, restaurants, and patisseries. You can view the most magnificent architecture, such as Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Cayan Tower, Rolex Twin Towers, Atlantis Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Burj Khalifa, Villas of the Palm and Beach Resorts.
Boarding Points
The Dubai Marina cruises start at Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Marine, Dubai, West Bay.

Dhow Cruise Locations

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Marsa Al Seef, opposite British Consulate, Bur Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina, Behind Signature Hotel Apartments & Spa

Dhow Cruise Timings

The opening hours of Dhow Cruise Dubai are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Dhow dinner cruises start from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Price

Dhow Cruises are available at varied prices. It usually ranges from 60 AED to 450 AED. The prices vary according to the seasons. Dubai Creek is an excellent choice if you want to embark on a dhow cruise at a reasonable cost.


The Dhow Cruises are elegant, stylish, and a great way to see the Dubai skyline gliding through the canal waters, which will instantly transport you into a magical world. Exploring Dubai City while chilling on a cruise with a delicious meal is a dream come true for many! It is an excellent way to unwind and experience Arabic hospitality and culture away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) How many passengers can a dhow home hold on a single trip?

A dhow may accommodate up to 200 people.

2) What is the duration of a dhow cruise?

A dhow cruise excursion takes two hours to complete.

3) Are there any reasonably priced Dubai Dhow Cruise options?

There are Dhow Cruises that are reasonably priced. Find offers that fit your budget by researching and comparing packages.

4) What kind of cuisine is offered on a Dhow Cruise?

Authentic Arabic cuisine is served to visitors on Dhow Cruises. Indulge in mouthwatering salads, kebabs, biryani, grilled meats, and seafood.

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