Arte Museum Dubai Makes Its Foray

Dubai, a city emerging from stretches of arid region, has emerged as an embodiment of indomitable human endeavor and creative genius. Its trend-setting architectural wonders coupled with its iconic stature skyline are a pinnacle of innovation seen from afar. But keeping aside the skyscrapers is a metropolis holding relentless will of evolution, constantly at the lookout of outdoing itself and flabbergasting the world. Of late, on February 2024, it has added a new feather on its cap- the Arte Museum which will leave digital art buffs at awe.

Arte Museum Dubai- A Primer

For all who thought there is a dearth of art scene in the City of Gold, you will be proved wrong as Dubai just got its Arte Museum, the first within Middle East. This new opening along with engaging your senses will also transport you to a stunning visual excursion. Every element from tailored aromas to arousing soundscapes has been curated for being in sync with the astounding artworks, paving the way for an immersive experience in its entirety. Gear up to plunge in eternal nature at this Dubai Museum and witness innovation at its peak that wonderfully blends expertise and art into one of a kind digital canvas. Having made its foray in 2020 there was no looking back. Ever since, it has branched to top cities the world over encompassing Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Seoul, and now Dubai.

Arte Museum Dubai
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Arte Museum - Why a Should-See?

• Breathtaking visuals
• Splendid digital realm
• Intriguing digital art
• Uncanny and familiar experience
• Symphony of senses
• Juxtaposition of current-day technology and nature’s everlasting splendor

Arte Museum UAE
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Arte Museum Dubai Ticket Price

Tickets at Arte Museum are available at variegated options for myriad preferences. Grab the Dhs 109 offer for twilight & early bird per person for entry covering the time period 10am-11:30am & 9:30pm up to the final entry. 

Dhs 129 is for general admission and Dhs 149 is for the combo which also encompasses entry to Arte tea bar. For kids 4-17, it is Dhs 89 onward while VIP tickets come at a price of Dhs 249 for an adult.

Get your slots booked online for keeping away from the 11th hour rush. Access all information pertaining to tickets, attractions, and more at the Arte Museum site.

Arte Museum Dubai Location

Location:  Second Floor, Dubai Mall

Arte Museum Dubai Timings

Timings-10am-11pm (Mon-Thu), Friday: 10am-1am, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-12am

Eternal Nature- A Multisensory Pleasure

As you enter the museum, you can feel a transformation in the setting as the colossal waves echoes crash the shore. You will be engulfed in absolute darkness with your senses being enthralled by the water’s rhythmic resonance and the ocean’s enchanting whiff. This is merely the commencement of your sensory voyage with immense of multisensory pleasures waiting to be unfurled.

Eternal Nature, the foremost exhibition has 14 pieces of outstanding media art which beautifully decipher the perpetual vigor of nature afar time as well as space. The intriguing natural phenomenal to awe-inspiring landscapes will be presented with the aid of top-tier media technologies along with a pledge of leveraging aroma, resonance and radiance. From the colossal crashing waves, the enchanting sphere of flowers, the gushing water’s wilderness, the captivating beach aurora, romantic symphony of thunder, to the mystical jungle glow is sure to leave you spellbound.

Signature Activities

Arte Museum in Dubai has ample on its plate to leave you asking for more. Let’s peep into its signature activities,

It has unlocked 2 Middle East inspired artworks. The Garden space encompasses “Light of Dubai” as well as “Live Canvas Desert”, commemorating the blend of Eastern & Western creativity.

• Light of Dubai

Within 5000 square feet colossal room, it exhibits the enchanting radiance through its gilded brilliance of the “Land of Dreams”. Gaze at the transformation of the golden-hued sands into spectacles, paving the way for a regal city which glitters as an illusory effect on the desert.

• Live Canvas Desert

Opening with the desert’s fanciful portrayal, it unfurls into a cycle that is absolutely enchanting. It features a laid back desert milieu, the warm orangish sunset beam on the sand dunes, and the astonishing oases of the gorgeous morning with the waning stallete dark sky. The surfacing of mixed variety of animals from leopards to camels rekindles the exhibition setting incessantly.

• Flower Camellia Piano


Get on board to a piano room where the petals of the gorgeous crimson camellia unfolds below the dreamy moonlight complemented by the melodious notes on a piano. Its refreshing scent will leave you hypnotized.

• Live Sketchbook

Arte Museum Dubai Livesketchbook

Take pleasure of something absolutely creative as well as multisensory. Draw your favorite animal, scan the same, and enliven it on the exhibition wall enclosed by a serene forest’s sights as well as sounds.

• Arte Tea Bar


Every tea maniac will love this one. This peerless teahouse presents tea-based sundry mocktails thus opening rooms for savoring luscious flavors encircled by good-looking media art. From milkshakes to cold coffee it has a selective menu of late that you may relish should you book a pass that includes a ticket to this bar.

The Brilliant Soundscape

The genius behind Arte Museum’s superb soundscape is Young-gyu Jang, a universally commended music composer as well as music director celebrated for his delicate compositions in 50 plus cinema as well as TV programs. He is a bassist too and the much famed Leenalchi band’s producer. The soundscape incorporated here diverges from the Garden display’s reminiscent milieu score to real-like nature sounds & exhaustive. His rendition is made attentively to augment each artwork’s effect impeccably.


As the City of Gold keeps burgeoning into a universal cultural nucleus, the retreat for creative expression, the Arte Museum grows all the more momentous, welcoming all and sundry who are keen in knowledge,  discovery, and alliance through the medium of artistic works. Also stay abreast of all upcoming tourist attractions in Dubai for a trip to adore a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. When has Arte Museum in Dubai made its foray?

It made its foray on 19 February 2024.

Q2. What is the ticket range?

Dhs 89 kids, Dhs 129 adult, Dhs 249 VIP

Q3. Name its signature activities.

  • Light of Dubai
  • Live Canvas Desert
  • Live Sketchbook
  • Arte Tea Bar

Q4. What are Arte Meseum's Dubai timings & location?

Timings10am-11pm (Mon-Thu), Friday: 10am-1am, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-12am

Location–  Second Floor, Dubai Mall

Q5. Who is the genius behind Arte Museum’s superb soundscape?

The genius behind Arte Museum’s superb soundscape is Young-gyu Jang, a universally commended music composer as well as music director.

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