Everything You Wanted To Know – The Dubai Frame

The long-anticipated launch of Dubai’s latest architectural marvel, the Dubai Frame, is finally getting closer. In October of 2017, we’ll have the pleasure of finally being able to visit and explore the gigantic photo frame that perfectly encapsulates the contrast between new and old Dubai. From one side of the Dubai Frame, you will be stunned by a view of new Dubai’s amazing landmarks – Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain and so on. The opposing view captures the poignant, nostalgic aspects of Dubai –Deira, Umm Hurair and Karama and Bur Dubai. We’re all waiting eagerly for our first panoramic elevator ride up either side of the Frame to the transparent viewing deck, from which to see Dubai with brand new eyes.

What’s The Purpose Behind The Dubai Frame?


The magnificent, rectangular ‘picture’ frame will be Dubai’s most aesthetic architectural landmark, meant to create a visual bridge between Dubai’s past and the present. The picture frame comprises two towers of 150 meters each, connected by a bridge that measuring 93 meters between the top of the two towers. Given the high altitude, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of Dubai from the bridge observatory. Old Dubai sits in the north while New Dubai sits to the south, both together forming Dubai’s famed juxtaposition of the old and the new. The frame’s concept is about a journey through time.  It’ll be a major tourist attraction, expected to attract close to 2 million tourists a year after it’s launched.

The giant rectangular frame is located in Dubai’s Zabeel Park, a location that was chosen carefully due to the views of both old and new Dubai from here. The giant Dubai Frame is on the top of a list of 15 upcoming attractions listed in the One World Observatory, New York. Some of the others are the Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza, Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro, Funtasy Island, Indonesia and Eternity Passage, Beijing.

Your Journey To The Past And The Present Within Dubai Frame

Past Gallery: Your journey begins at the Past Gallery at the mezzanine level, where you’re exposed to an immersive experience of Dubai’s past history. The past is delivered to you via 3D projections, motion, mist effects and smells. All of these special effects help you to literally travel into the past, which is the objective. The Past Gallery tells you the story of Dubai’s evolution from a fishing and pearl diving industry to the modern giant it is today.

Present Dubai: You’ll then get to the Sky Deck level to experience Dubai’s present from all sides. Augmented reality-activated screens show you Dubai’s amazing landmarks and buildings, showing you interesting and unique facts about each in full 3D. You can stop the interactive applications to go back and see something again, ask questions of it and generally interact with Dubai’s present. You’re also shown examples of Dubai’s prosperous economy and infrastructure through other technologies.

Future of Dubai: Your next Dubai Frame experience on the other side of the mezzanine level is the future of Dubai. Here you can see and interact with Dubai, as it is projected to be 50 years from now. You can literally wade through a virtual future metropolis through virtual reality technology and interactive projections.

Vortex Tunnel: Now you’ll move from the mezzanine floor through a vortex tunnel that creates the illusion of time travel through a warp vortex to fifty years from now. All this is done with special lights and sound effects, and interactive projections are displayed on the wall showing the city’s evolution for the next 50 years. You’ll see 3D projections of new projects that are to come up in Dubai. You’ll also see the city’s projections of newer ways of traveling, and also newer ways of living within the city. These projections are based on actual project calculations, and if we’re lucky enough to still be living after 50 years, we’ll get to see those wonders. Dubai doesn’t disappoint.


Designed by Fernando Donis, the Dubai Frame’s design was selected in 2009 as the winner of the ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award. The Frame was chosen from 926 proposals that were submitted to the award’s board. We’re sure that the Frame, once launched, will be the cynosure of all eyes around the world, and will win several more awards and break a few records.


The entire Dubai Frame experience, right from the fabulous views from the bridge and the interactive presentations is simply mind-blowing. The Frame will be a definite major tourist attraction. Kids especially will enjoy all the interactive and 3D presentations and projections. What’s really impressive about the interactive programs is the mood they create, using special effects. It’s so easy to imagine being a part of old Dubai, when one can smell the sea, the fish caught by the seamen and the wood rotting in the dhow yard. No one’s seen anything quite like the Dubai Frame in any other country, which means that Dubai’s done it again!

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