Dubai Desert Safari Myths

Every tour package has its pros and cons. While you may experience something exciting for the first time in your life. You are also bound to face some challenges primarily because you are not exposed to those circumstances or situations on a daily basis. And the Dubai Desert Safari is no different. While you may look forward to this exotic journey, we would like to clear some myths in your mind which would act as a traveling block to experience this special moment in your life. Following are the 10 most important myths people have of the Dubai Desert Safari Myths.

Myth 1: You get the best deals at the Hotel counter

One would feel that being in the same city, and being a local place, one can get the best deal package of the Desert safari through the Hotel administration. But the fact is that the Hotel administration is bound to have some contracted safari organizers, and they would recommend all guests to the concerned organizer each time, without trying to understand their needs and requirements. As every guest would have particular choices, they cannot suggest you the best package as they are not experts in the same. So research online to find out the best package according to your needs and requirements.

Myth 2: All desert safaris are same

As there are no free lunches in this world. One is bound to receive only what they pay for. Each safari organizer has an itinerary which is different from their counterparts. While there would be budget safaris, medium safaris, and luxurious safaris. Based on what your budget is, you can select the best package to entertain yourself. One would definitely not want to blame the desert safari if they have not been able to get the best package.

Myth 3: One would get the best deal in the last minute

The above myth is completely false. While it is true that many desert safaris are never full. Most of the season bookings during Easter and Christmas holidays are booked well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. One is bound to receive a last minute deal only to fit into the package rather than enjoying this exotic journey. To overcome your disappointment, it is always suggested to book your package well in advance even before you land in Dubai.

Myth 4: Most of the Safaris are always crowded

Apart from the peak season rush, safaris are in demand but they get crowded only if you book through an average organizer or crack a last minute deal. Standard safari organizers ensure the smooth journey of all their travelers and would never overcrowd a safari vehicle. Hence, it is always advised to research well about the packages and the itinerary well in advance.

Myth 5: The price of the Dubai Desert Safari is expensive

This would all depend on the inclusions in the package and the average duration of the safari. Normally a standard safari which covers basic amenities would last minimum 5-6 hours and would cost anywhere between 350-650 dirham. One can also get budget deals and luxury deals, the prices of which may vary below and above the average respectively.

Myth 6: The Desert Safari is ruined if my car gets stuck in the sand

Everyone needs to bow down when Mother Nature shows her wrath. And the Dubai Desert Safari is no different. You are bound to face inconvenience when the car gets stuck in the sand. But the safari vehicle drivers and guide are used to such circumstances day in and day out and they are experts in handling such situations to rescue your vehicle from the sand dunes. So stop worrying out this factor and enjoy your adventurous trip.

Myth 7: A Desert Safari is incomplete without Dune Bashing

While you may read fake reviews and testimonials on various websites, apart from watching Hollywood and Bollywood action movies. Dune Bashing is not only hazardous to the environment, but it is risky for kids, old guests, and the health of other travelers in the safari. A trained Safari driver and the guide would never encourage such practices. One is also prone to serious injuries and other health problems in a Dune Bash safari.

Myth 8: One would cover an animal safari during the desert safari

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve has laid done strict policies and guidelines for not disturbing the natural habitat of the wild animals in the desert. Already the terrain poses enough challenges to the animals to survive. Although there are feeding points which are continuously moved around the reserve to motivate the natural grazing and fossicking of wild animals. There are bound to be days where one can find a couple of animals during their journey, and on other days, one would have to stress on their imagination skills to find one in the entire journey.

Myth 9: Camel rides provided are very short

Many people expect a long eternal ride on the camel as part of the desert safari package. But the fact is that camels have similar eyesight as Humans, and their vision tends to fade away along with the sun. It actually dangerous to pester along the desert at night as you are prone to risk and dangers like the camel tripping, getting petrified and running away with a helpless passenger on top riding it. If you want to enjoy a long camel ride, book a camel safari as a separate package at an additional cost.

Myth 10: Bellydancing and Tanoura are traditional folk dances

Although both Bellydancing and Tanoura are important facets of the desert safari. They nowhere resemble the ancient & historical ancestral roots of the Emirati culture. They are just tourist attractions which provide a glimpse of the local culture and history.

So if you are planning to go for a Dubai Desert Safari, just relax and enjoy the wonderful journey. Don’t go by the assumptions and reviews which people provide and other travel sites provide. Research well online and through other sources before finalizing your safari package, as you should get the worth of every penny spent on this memorable journey in your life. Come and experience the Dubai Desert Safari in true style.

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