Things to do on a Desert Safari with Kids

Summer has made a comeback so it’s time to map some atypical summer retreat that is kid-friendly. This year why not direct concentration to the City of Gold, explicitly desert safari? Safari means thrills or daring acts, well not really. Kids too have ample to discover in the rugged landscape. You should let your kids explore and not restrict them only to bookish knowledge or curriculum syllabus. Every kid should learn through experience and a safari tour is sure to pull a chord in these little one’s heart. Most importantly, for a glitch-free travel apply for Dubai visa on time and book Dubai desert safari tickets well in advance.

Dubai Desert Safari’s Kid-Friendly Activities

Kids can take pleasure of a wealth of opportunities at Dubai’s desert safari encompassing,

• Seeing Camel Farm

Accompany your little ones to a camel farm where they are raised. Let your kids greet and interact with the camels. Besides, kids can get insights into the camels’ behavior and anatomy. Most importantly they will be guided about the camel’s imperative role in the Emirati society. You can also accompany the little ones on a camel trekking or ride to soak in the desert’s raw beauty. This way they will also develop a love towards animals and a deeper knowledge concerning the desert’s rich tapestry.

• Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon ride Dubai

Every kid has a fascination for colorful balloon, don’t they? And if given a chance of soaring high in the sky sitting on balloon, it will be absolutely surprising. Glancing at the wildlife below is sure to bring a smile on their innocent face. Capture these moments which kids can relish eternally. This is one amid the must-try activity while planning a desert safari in Dubai with kids. However, no kids below 5 years are permitted for a hot-air balloon ride. Resting on the age, kids on tour are likely to be seated in a booster seat or other forms of seating that is child safety accredited.

• Sandcastle Adventure

We often come across kids building sand castles adjacent a beach. They can do the same in a desert safari too. Let your little one’s creativity unleash using their tender hands in building sandcastles, or simply playing with the free flowing golden sands.

• Falconry Demonstrations

Falconry demonstration is a key constituent of a desert safari. During this session, kids can observe the strong relationship amidst the falconer & the falcon. Further, they will get a platform in familiarizing about the falconry’s function in Emirati tradition while marveling them in action.

• Wildlife Encounters

desert wildlife

Let your kids observe the flora and fauna or help them spot animals such as desert foxes, insects, or distinct bird species through a binocular. Show them some resilient plants in the desert thereby adding in the adventure some educational dimension.

• Art and Craft

Make it a point to carry some art supplies like colors, drawing books, and clay on your safari. Boost up the little one’s confidence and motivate them to make paintings of the setting sun, make sketches of dunes, or make sculptures using clay or sand granules.

• Desert Thrills

sandboarding dubai

The two things associated with Dubai desert safari is sandboarding followed by dune drives. With little precaution and guidance, kids can take pleasure of sandboarding. It will give them the same feel as that of snowboarding the only difference being not on snow but sandy dunes. If your kids are little bigger, take them along on a dune drive in a robust 4×4 robust vehicle for thrills unlimited.

• Starlit Camping

Every kid has grown up learning “twinkle twinkle little stars”. Stars always seem to fascinate kids. Let your kids immerse in a magical realm by letting them sleep below countless stars. Make it a story sharing session adjoining the campfire. For some astronomy lesson, use a telescope and teach them fascinating facts concerning galaxies, planets, as well as stars.

• Photoshoot in Arabian Costume

Get your kids ready for some lovely traditional photoshoot wearing Arabian costume against the raw desert at the backdrop. Girls can don abayas and boys can don dishdashas.

• Sunset Charms

Stop for a while and let your kids marvel at the drop dead gorgeous sunset vistas casting a spell on the rugged dunes. Click family pictures in this mesmerizing backdrop. Point out fascinating characteristics to kids like reflections, shadows, as well as changing sky hues.

Dubai Desert Safari-Kids Benefits Galore

The benefits of getting on board for a desert safari with kids in Dubai encompass,

  • Firstly kids can take pleasure of an educational experience as a desert safari will let kids know about a desert’s geological characteristics, the ecosystem, and adaptation of animals and plants.
  • Witness Emirati culture firsthand in the likes of Tanoura shows, falconry, henna painting, camel rides, and the like.
  • Indulge in assorted levels of thrills from quad biking to dune drives
  • In screen dominated era, a safari tour will give kids an exposure to outdoor activities and be at one with nature.
  • Kids will learn to appreciate the environment coupled with conversation needs.

Effective Tips

Some effective tips to practice on kids friendly desert safari in Dubai entails,

    • Pick evening or morning safari as the temperature will be agreeable. Shun from midday heat for keeping kids away from any heat associated discomfort.
    • Make it a point to consult an agency that ensures family-friendly safari tours providing amenities like cars with a child seat, skilled guide that can expertly handle kids, and assorted activities exclusively for kids.
    • Keep kids hydrated with water or fruit juice and dab lots of sun lotion on their skin. Dress them in lightweight, breathable fabric and also comfortable footwear preferably closed-toe. Also pack glares, hats, and a light pullover.
    • Always pay heed to safety measures as it is about your kid. Fasten their seat belts, give them accurate safety details prior to partaking in activities, and monitor them when they head towards the dunes.
    • Be ready with first aid kit for untoward circumstances from cuts to insect bites, sunburns to scrapes.

Yes Dubai desert safaris can be a rewarding moment with bounty of things to do on desert safari Dubai with kids, a break to weave infinite family memories amidst the raw beauty. So this summer break, get set to break away from the ordinary. Your desert safari summer escapes for your kids await. Plan well, safe journey!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Dubai desert safari age-centric?

No, it is not age-centric. Age limitations will diverge resting on the activities and the operator.

Q2. Name some kids-friendly activities at the safari?

• Henna painting
• Star gazing
• Camel ride
• Sunset views

Q3. Can kid’s benefits from safari tours?

Yes, in the likes of,
• Educational experience
• Witness Emirati culture
• Bond with nature

Q4. How much is desert safari Dubai for kids?

The cost of desert safari in Dubai for kids can vary resting on various factors like the kid’s age, package inclusions, and the tour operator. Generally it starts from AED 50 onward as per the specific tour & activities included.

Q5. Is Dubai Desert Safari safe for infants?

Partaking in Dubai desert safari with infants may present few considerations and challenges, yet this tour can be safe with proper planning and proper precautions. Factors to consider comprise safety measures like proper seat belts, the weather conditions, health considerations, and the safari’s duration.

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