Tips for Men and Women for Solo Traveling in UAE

Traveling solo to places is the best way to build up confidence and connect with oneself. It offers freedom to do whatever the mind and heart say. Moreover, you become the boss of your heart and don’t have to rely on others for taking decisions. In fact, it is one of the best ways to win over your fear and become independent. If you have picked the UAE as a holiday destination, there are certain things you should consider before getting your visa. Since the country follows a strict and orthodox tradition, knowing about it beforehand become more important. However, it is an inviting country and offers wide options to explore for solo travelers. The country is also safe for a single traveling woman and a man as far as he and she follows the rules and respect the culture and tradition being practiced. All the solo travelers have to know the following things before traveling to the UAE.

Dressing: The UAE had deep and long roots of Islamic tradition and culture. You can the locals following traditional practices in everything from eating to praying, and covering themselves. While they don’t impose their traditions on tourists, they expect them to have respect for what they do and follow. For them, following the Islamic way of living is like being closer to their God. You will rarely or never seen a man or a woman not dressed in traditional attire when stepping out of the house.

The people here pay lots of heed to where they wear and prefer covering themselves from head to the toe. However, they don’t expect tourist to do the same. But at least, you must not wear revealing clothes, short pants, and anything above your knees. In fact, shorts, skirts and other above the knee clothes are prohibited here. Following a modest dress code is important here. If not followed, you might be fined or strict action would be taken against you. To avoid such situations, make sure to know the dress code.

Never be Overly Friendly: Having an overly chat with a woman or giving a continuous glance to her is considered outrageous here. You cannot even talk to her if she appears nonchalant. You have to avoid being too friendly and maintain a distance while talking to females. For men, seeking flirty nature or over-friendly with unknown women can be harmful.  If you are a woman traveling alone in the UAE, you must try not to attract unwanted attention towards you for any reason. It can be risky in many occasions. Even if somebody is staring at you or trying to become friendly, you must ignore them. If the person continues to pester you, then take the help of the police. The UAE police take sexual harassment extremely seriously.

No Alcohol Consumption in Open: Though alcohol is not banned here, you can purchase the same in from duty-free shopping when you land in the country.  Moreover, Dubai residents need a license to buy and drink alcohol. Drinks can be purchased at bars and hotels while partying when you have the license. Couples should not engage in kissing and canoodling in public places. Even walking hands in hands and cuddling in public places are considered unreasonable and unlawful.

Accommodation: Look for the right accommodation available in the UAE. There are luxury hotels and budget hotels that are worth staying at. Depending on your budget, you can look for an accommodation which is safe and offers great hospitality. Try to book a hotel that is closer to tourist locations. You can check out online and connect with tour operators to book your accommodation in advance. This will also save your money and get the room of your desire.

Along with the above tips, there are a few more things that need to be considered:

  • Before starting your journey, get in touch with someone who had already been to UAE. Seek advice about locations, transportation and rules to be followed while travelling.
  • Be ready with the emergency medical care once you land in the country. This will help in getting proper assistance if any unforeseen takes place while travelling.
  • Invest on nice wardrobe that will suit your body as the climate here is harsh. When you check the climate, you will find hot and hotter.
  • Seek help from a reputed tour operator to get all the assistance needed right from obtaining a visa, booking tickets, and accommodation, including return journey.

UAE is not as strict as it is portray as long as you respect its culture an don’t violate the laws. Considering these tips before travelling to the UAE is highly essential to get the best solo traveling experience in an Islamic country. Researching and drafting a good itinerary is important to make your tour easier, which can be done with the help of a reputed destination management company.

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